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Caster Technology recognized the importance to you of having properly maintained racks, carts and displays. Our vast selections of casters and wheels, and experience working with membership warehouse clubs and the racks and carts used, assures you will get the best quality, most reliable caster and wheels at competitive prices.
  • Display Racks
  • Cake Racks
  • Glazing Carts
  • Oven Racks
  • Pan Dollies
  • Scale Tables
  • Dough Dividers
  • Bowl Dollies
  • Cooling Racks
  • Transport Cabinets
  • Utility Carts
  • Meat Racks
  • Trash Containers
  • Cube Trucks
  • Shopping Carts
  • and more…
Don’t wait until it’s too late and a rack falls over or a cart stops moving. Call our customer service representatives today!
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“We have been doing business with Caster Technology for almost 20 years. As we have grown our facility from 3000 square ft. to 30,000 square ft. our requirements for casters and related products has grown. Caster Trchnology has taken care of our needs, every time without fail.”
Charles, Leading Commercial Bakery